2017 Reading Challenge

Irina has read 1 book toward her goal of 40 books.

[Rezension] Catherina Gayle: Dropping Gloves

Serie: Portland Storm, #7 Klappentext She left to follow her dreams, but came back to find her heart. When Katie Weber decided to pursue her dreams in Hollywood, she left her heart behind in Portland. Now she’s back to make amends with Jamie Babcock, the only man she’s ever loved, but he isn’t willing to […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Comeback

Serie: Portland Storm #6   Klappentext Recovering addict Nicklas Ericsson, star goaltender for the Portland Storm, is ready for a comeback—both on the ice and in his personal life. But when his sister begs for his help with an earth-shattering request he can’t refuse, Nicky worries the stress will send him over the edge into […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Holiday Hat Trick

Serie: Portland Storm #5.5 Klappentext All Mitchell Quincey wants on his break from the Portland Storm this holiday season is to spend as much time as he can with his baby girl. If he can get his ex-wife to agree to joint custody, then it’ll be a holiday worth celebrating. But when he shows up […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: In the Zone

Serie: Portland Storm #5     Klappentext It was supposed to be a single night of fake names, half-truths, and anonymous sex. Neither of them was prepared for it to become more. Keith Burns, star defenseman for the NHL’s Portland Storm, was just looking for a way to pass the time and ease the loneliness […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Double Major

Serie: Portland Storm #4.5   »Double Major« ist eine Novella aus dem Portland-Storm-Universum, die bisherigen Paare der Serie am Rande der Doppelhochzeit von Dana/Eric und Rachel/Brenden zeigt. Im Zuge der Feierlichkeiten trifft Sara überraschend auf ihre Mutter, während Noelle und Kally auf dem Sprung in den Schwedenurlaub sind. (Vielleicht könnten sie einfach dort bleiben?! Spätestens […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Delay of Game

Serie: Portland Storm #4   Klappentext Fourth-line winger Cam Johnson fights like hell for his team—even if he has to break the rules. A vigilante on the ice, Cam takes on all the battles, whether they’re his fight or not. The Portland Storm is his team—his family—and he’ll take down anyone who threatens them. When […]

[Reklame] »Dropping Gloves« von Catherine Gayle gratis

Wie wohl kaum einem Mitleser hier entgangen sein dürfte, bin ich ziemlich angetan von Catherine Gayles »Portland Storm«-Serie und Jamie »Babs« Babcock im Speziellen. Für alle, die sich vielleicht von meiner Begeisterung anstecken lassen wollen, der Hinweis: Katie und Jamies Buch, »Dropping Gloves«, gibt es für eine begrenzte Zeit gratis, u.a. bei Amazon.   Catherine […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Light the Lamp

Serie: Portland Storm #3 Klappentext: Hockey star Liam Kallen lost his scoring touch when his wife died. Still broken up over her loss, Liam’s darkness overpowers him, but his new team—the Portland Storm—needs him. A chance meeting brings him face to face with Noelle Payne, the most positive and upbeat woman he’s ever met, and […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: Ice Breaker & Taking a Shot

Wie gestern angekündigt, folgen weitere Portland-Storm-Artikel. Bei den beiden Novellas handelt es sich um zwei Short Stories über Jamie „Babs“ Babcock und Katie Weber.   Catherine Gayle: Ice Breaker (Portland Storm #0.5) Klappentext: Jamie „Babs“ Babcock couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he’d landed a spot on the Portland Storm at age eighteen. […]

[Rezension] Catherine Gayle: On the Fly

Serie: Portland Storm #2 Klappentext: Being sidelined for far too long due to injuries, Portland Storm player Brenden »Soupy« Campbell is ready to take his career to the next level and make his new position on the team stick. After he meets the general manager’s cute new assistant, Brenden knows he’s right where he’s supposed […]