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[Rezension] Judith Ivory: Beast

Klappentext: American heiress Louise Vandermeer has agreed to marry a European aristocrat. Her intended is rumored to be a hideously ugly man, a prospect that propels her into a reckless shipboard affair with a compelling stranger she never sees in the light of day. Unbeknownst to Louise, her mystery man is actually her betrothed, Charles […]

[Keine Rezension] Judith Ivory: Sleeping Beauty

Verlagstext: Once, a long time ago, Coco Wild learned to never allow a man’s kiss to move her, for that way led to her downfall. A slender beauty with alluring eyes, she built impregnable defenses around her emotions. The men who came to adore her, fought to conquer her and learn her mysteries, made her […]

Judith Ivory: The Proposition

Inhalt: London, 1898. Die verarmte Lady Edwina Bollash verdient sich mit der Erziehung adliger Mädchen ihren Lebensunterhalt und erwirbt sich den Ruf, selbst schwierigste Fälle bewältigen zu können. Doch eines Tages treten die Zwillinge Emile und Jeremy Lamont mit einer Wette an sie heran: Edwina soll Mick Tremore, einen ungehobelten Rattenfänger aus Cornwall, innerhalb […]

Judith Ivory: Untie my Heart

Inhalt: Stuart Aysgarth, the new Viscount Mount Villiars, doesn’t know he’s playing with fire when he inadvertently runs afoul of Emma Hotchkiss. True, the exquisite Yorkshire lady is a mere sheep farmer, but she also guards a most colorful past that makes her only more appealing to the handsome, haunted lord. Ema has come to […]